Olga and toby still dating

Eventually, Amelia Talon and Clare Lourdes followed suit.She revealed that writing the Tumblr post was the “hardest thing” she’s ever done in her entire life, and was expecting to be attacked by fans.

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But instead of finding examples of terrible You Tube marketing, I found something incredibly heartbreaking: disappointed fans. They were just truly disappointed fans questioning what happened to their favorite (or former favorite) You Tuber.

They were questioning why his posting schedule was inconsistent, if he looked sick, theorizing all of the reasons why he wasn’t posting anymore…it broke my heart.

In an effort to obtain some examples of terrible ways to get subscribers, I went to the You Tube channel Toby Games.

Now if you’ve watched my latest video, you’ll understand that I haven’t been a fan of Toby Turner’s work for a while.

I don’t even care that I’m not a fan of Tobuscus anymore.

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