Online dating is for losers

Thank god it’s all in the past and everyone knows that internet is awesome and serves many purposes. And yet, the last few, lets call them “oldfashioned” people who still don’t believe in online dating and think it’s a horrid idea. A number of people worry about the fact that since it’s online and not face to face, people are more inclined to lie or use fake pictures.The truth is, nowadays you spend most of your day on the internet. Well, let’s see how it really is and shun those ideas once and for all. We’ve done some research to find out what are the disadvantages of online dating, and even though they were quite lame and seemed to contradict each other, decided to address them. Yes, the proper term for that is catfishing and that does happen, but not as often as you think. When you do meet, you will see the real deal and you always have the option of just walking away.These activities have been replaced with working late to climbing the corporate ladder, developing a taste for once boring activities like golf and tai chi, etc.

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Online dating is for losers

You can meet more women online in a lifetime than you do offline. However, don't think due to the convenience of online dating, that it's easy. Here are some things you must know:* How to approach online dating depending on what you want to get out of it, a relationship or just hooking up?

* How to set up the perfect profile so women will automatically either "fall in love" or "get wet"?

Or you're just so caught up with work that meeting women normally just don't work out for you? Or you have thought about trying online dating but don't want to seem desperate, as all your guy friends might make fun of you, having this stigma that it's probably for losers and creepy guys, with their hairline nearly balding, with their waist pushing out right from under them and wearing their thick glasses, sitting behind the computer in a dark corner, watching porno all day.

But, the fact is, statistically more single people are using online dating more than ever, and you are more likely to easily find that quality person in your life to settle down with faster through online dating, instead of hoping to randomly bump into her one day in the real world and that things will work out.

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