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someone who goes out/drinks, is open to relationships? See I've met a couple of nice guys over the past few of weeks who just so happened to all be Indian, and during the initial getting to know each other phase (not necessarily in a romantic setting but could possibly lead to it) we get along seemingly well until I mention I'm Pakistani after which I've noticed a lot of guys seem a tad disappointed/turned-off or tone down the friendliness/flirtatiousness completely One guy even once jokingly mentioned how he could never introduce me to his parents because of my ethnicity :/ I mean sure they're perfectly entitled to their own preferences and that any guy worth his salt would see past this and see me for me but i dunno...

it's kind of annoying that I don't get a chance to show the real me without being lumped with the stereotypes of being Pakistani (which is what I'm assuming is happening here often).

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