Gordon Gee and PAN President Michał Kleiber formalized the OSU-PAN cooperation. First, CONSIRT stimulates and facilitates to overcome the shortcomings of fragmented methodology of comparative research.

The Departments of Sociology and of Political Science at OSU, and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology and the Graduate School for Social Research at PAN, established CONSIRT within the framework of this Agreement. Substantive issues of global importance – such as poverty, forms of inequality, health and well-being, large-scale migration, industrial competitiveness, economic crises, access to energy resources, the formulation and implementation of welfare policies, commercialization of art and culture, and the quality of life – require cross-national and interdisciplinary research.

Intellectual Focus CONSIRT is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that integrates diverse methodological approaches to cross-national research.

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– CONSIRT expresses the long and productive collaboration of faculty and graduate students at The Ohio State University (OSU) and at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) dating back to the early 1990s and the In 2008, as CONSIRT widened the scope of our activities to engage more disciplines and include undergraduate students in research and training, and to strengthen our international network of scholars, OSU President E.

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And when you take an even closer look at the word “bisexuality,” you’ll recognize that the prefix “bi” comes from the Greek word meaning “two.”With this in mind, pansexuality can be seen as a more specific and detailed term that lets others know even more about a person’s sexual identity.

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