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In ancient times, during the first Millenium BCE, Persian emperors like Cyrus II the Great, Xerxes and Darius I extended Persian rule into Central Asia and throughout Asia Minor as far as Greece and Egypt.

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This multiauthor collection of fifty-one essays presents an up-to-date survey of pre-Islamic Iran, from the earliest evidence of Paleolithic occupation in the Pleistocene to the Islamic conquest.

It includes chapters on the archaeology of virtually every part of the country, down to the Achaemenid period, as well as a wealth of studies dealing with specific aspects of the Achaemenid, Arsacid, and Sasanian empires.

The past age of Persia lent the old world perfume of its own sunny hours of spring to the morning of that day and the silent voice of your ancient poet filled the silence in the heart of the poet of Modern India” – Rabindranath Tagore, .[2] The peoples of India and Iran, two ancient neighbouringcivilisations, have enjoyed close historical links through the ages.

They had a common homeland and share a common linguistic and racial past.

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