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He finally comes to the conclusion that his lover is cheating on him.

He walks over to their apartment room, lets himself in, and waits for Kevin to go take a shower, before entering the bedroom, covering Joanne's mouth and then stabbing her to death in her bed.

“We’re hoping that she is put on trial.” The charge against Carter, of Plainville, drew national attention after transcripts of text messages were released publicly, showing she urged Roy to follow through on his plan to take his own life. Like I don’t get why you aren’t,” Carter, then 17, wrote to Roy the day of his death.

Texts show teen urged online boyfriend to kill self: cops “You can’t think about it. The teens had met in Florida two years earlier while visiting relatives.

For Roy’s family, the possibility that Carter could receive no punishment is difficult to fathom.

“We’re anxiously awaiting the decision,” said Janice Roy, Conrad’s grandmother.

"The criticism lately has been that they've over-charged some people and been overly harsh," said Peter Elikann, a Boston defense attorney.

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