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ITRANSLATE There are some words in Italian you simply don’t want to botch, whether it’s in spelling, meaning, or pronunciation. Free, available offline, with built in voice features…you are bound to impress yourself when using this app abroad. Getting around in Rome is a lot less intimidating when you’re a passenger.

The developers have done something unusual for the app world - they redesigned their product without completely ruining it.

Pocket works with your Read it Later account, displays the same archive and articles, automatically works with older Read it Later browser add-ons, and is easy on the eye.

DUOLINGUO Language doesn’t have to be barrier, and when in Italy it most definitely shouldn’t be.

Food, drink and destinations should be at the top of your Italian language list.

So be sure to earn nothing less than four stars in each scenario to make absolutely sure your follower count is increasing, even if it's not by a great deal.

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