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For nearly six years, the psychiatrist Humphry Osmond gave thousands of alcoholics LSD.

The treatment was part of an experimental regimen that Osmond oversaw from 1954 to 1960.

Now, the evidence is stacking up to show the enormous potential of psychedelics for treating everything from cancer to PTSD to addiction.

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Something about the experience appeared to help them "reorganize their personalities and reorganize their lives," Michael Bogenschutz, a New York University psychiatrist, said last year at a conference on therapeutic psychedelics.

After a five-decade hiatus, scientists are finally returning to the study of psychedelics as a potential treatment for mental illnesses like addiction, anxiety, and depression.

In response to a cultural upheaval beginning in the 1960s that saw more and more people independently experimenting with mind-altering drugs, the U. government has cracked down on every psychedelic it can muster, often without first exploring their potential medical uses. The reality the government, and Western world at large, has failed to acknowledge is that psychedelic drugs aren’t just something free-spirited hippies eat to feel trippy and dance naked (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Humans have used psychedelics since before we were painting on cave walls, not just for fun but for healing.

The problem with banning anything out of a fear of the unknown is that many unknowns will remain.

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