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For Travel to Mexico and The Caribbean: If your infant will be traveling as a Lap Child, you contact our Customer Care Center to make arrangements at least 7 days prior to departure.

Please note that the hotel may assess a charge when adding an infant to your room reservation.

Each flute is identified by the numbering assigned originally by Pepper: Location: Northeast corner of Room 33. Finishing: elaborate black, orange, and green decoration with gum coating. Several working replicas of two of the Pueblo Bonito flutes were crafted by Jonathan Walpole in early 2012 ([Walpole 2012] ).

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Named the “Top Resort in Mazatlán” by Condé Nast Traveler, this magnificent resort features its own private beach, two swimming pools, koi ponds, lush mature gardens, a world-class spa and graceful neoclassical architecture recalling Old Mazatlán. Right before you walk in there are peacocks and birds on the side.

Since we arrive the hole staff made us feel welcomed. The pool area is huge and the view to the ocean is just perfect. The lobby area is nice and when your at the front desk they have an aquarium in threw all small not to big but it's nice. The workers here are great, they also have an amazing spa facility.

Kennett, head and professor of anthropology, Penn State.

"But we don't think it was egalitarian either." Archaeologists have described the Chaco Phenomenon as anything from an egalitarian society without any rulers at all, to a full-fledged state-level society or kingdom.

Throughout the Southwest it is unusual to find formal burials within structures, because most people were buried with limited grave goods outside housing compounds, but in excavations sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History and carried out in the 1890s at Chaco Canyon, archaeologists found room 33 in Pueblo Bonito -- a burial crypt within a 650-room pueblo dating between 8 -- that contained 14 burials.

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