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Logan picks his team, which includes Chase and Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), another friendly guy who is willing to accept a challenge.

Zoey chooses her team, which includes Nicole, Dana, and Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), a meddlesome scientist who is always inventing wacky items.

Positive."I-I'm pregnant," she stuttered, a tear rolling down her cheek. " she asked quietly, a trace of sadness still in her voice.

The same thing had happened to his parents when they had him, so he had an idea of how to handle the situation."Well, let's consider our options." He decided to be strong and take charge, because Quinn needed him right now, more than ever.

“We woke up today and we were plastered all over the internet with pictures like this,” Logan shared. We did the movie, , together, that’s where we first met…Long story short, is Chlogan real? She doesn’t know.” Logan and Chloe also realize that their once quiet romance, is now out in the open — and haters are not holding back. “I don’t know if you guys noticed, but in the vlogs, I’ve been kind of keeping her out.

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