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They were also able to use these events (and the hotel shortages) as vehicles to continuously direct press attention to Air Bn B, which they credit as a key driver of their early success.

Air Bn B’s most famous growth hack may be their cross-platform integration with Craigslist.

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Not only did they harvest emails from Craigslist listers and convince most of them to list their short term rentals on Airbnb, they also made it easy for their users to post listings to Craigslist No one wants to use a silent forum.

So Reddit turned this big issue into a non-issue by making tons of fake accounts and using them to interact with each other.

If the smartphone user has location permissions enabled on their device, Reddit will suggest nearby places, cities and countries via a drop down menu within the app.

The user can then choose whether or not they want to location tag their post.

This lead to lots of Googling about what kinds of strategies other disruptive companies have used to get their first users.

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