Reentering the dating scene

It was a Monday morning and Dave had just returned from dropping off our eleven year old at the bus stop.

reentering the dating scene-81

————————– A few weeks ago I was working at my computer in the lower level of our home when the sliding glass door unexpectedly opened.

I knew my husband Dave was outside doing something and thought for certain it was him reentering the house.

They will scream their heads off until they get what they want, and it’s on you to figure out what this is. They were once worshiped as gods and see no reason why this should not continue.

A cat has no problem letting you know that it’s time for gooshy foods and they don’t care that it’s 5 AM and you’ve crawled into bed at 3 after having spent the entire day working on that presentation you have to make before the board of directors when you roll into work at 7.

He was young, tall and handsome, probably in his mid twenties. At 42 years of age, 5′2″, 120 pounds with 36c breasts, Dave refers to me as his MILF, and has encouraged me to “explore” my sexuality and “enjoy” myself whenever the opportunity presents itself. He had been in the garage working when the Culligan truck arrived and asked me if everything went okay downstairs with the delivery.

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