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Like Sophia, many of those due to board the highly controversial charter flight have lived in the UK for decades.Some arrived as small children and say they do not remember the country they are being sent back to.

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Normally, cookies, which are small text files that certain Web sites leave on computers to store information identifying users and customize Web site content for them (such as the user’s Web site settings and preferences, a list of visited pages, computer details, and shopping card information), are harmless.

However, some cookies may be used to track and transmit browsing preferences or other private information to online marketers and spammers.

What follows are 42 carefully vetted recommendations across the city and suburbs—click on the table button, then sort the list by neighborhood. See Crain's best private dining rooms and our guide to hotel meeting places.

Published in the March 20, 2017, issue of Crain's Chicago Business.

We are going to configure the router at the ISP so that it does not advertise the customers AS number out to the internet.

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