Sedating the triple warmer

Some medical researchers believe that the Triple Burner is associated with the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which regulates appetite, digestion, fluid balance, body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and other basic autonomous functions.

The sanjiao channel of the Hand-Shaoyang originates from the tip of the ring finger.

Sedating the triple warmer

Crossing over the shoulder, it enters the supraclavicular fossa.

It then ascends to the neck, running along the posterior border of the ear.

It can address physical illness and emotional disorders, and it can also promote wellness and peak performance.

Because we receive so many requests from people who are new to Energy Medicine for help with health conditions, we have written this brief guide to help orient you and to direct you to a wealth of available resources, most of them free.

The Middle Burner runs from the entrance to the stomach down to its exit at the pyloric valve and controls digestion by harmonizing the functions of stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

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