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Jon and Sara have much in common; both are missing an “h.” The movie puts them through dramatic and romantic situations so close to parody as to make no difference; one more turn of the screw, and this could be a satire of “Sleepless in Seattle”. But they toy with their happiness by setting a series of tests.

Sara is played by Kate Beckinsale, who is a good actress, but not good enough to play this dumb. They like each other better than the people they are dating.

Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) met while shopping for gloves in New York.

Though buying for their respective lovers, the magic was right and a night of Christmas shopping turned into romance.

They feel, if not love, strong attraction at first sight. (Marquez is fond of coincidences, but “Serendipity” elevates magic realism into the realm of three-card monte.) Jon searches in countless book stores, having never heard of Bibliofind or Alibris, where for enough money every used bookseller in the world would be happy to have a peek inside his copies of the volume.

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