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The only people left were those who'd been there for the days of festivities before this final day. And in fact, they are probably not getting the 100% protection from what they think they are doing.

What people say they do and actually do are two different things.

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There was actually a time when pink silk and ruffled collars didn't make us question a man's "masculinity" (whatever masculinity is) -- the fashion choices represented power. So many people say to me in the clinic, that they don't need testing because they always use condoms...? But this does nothing to help men who have sex with men, and men who have sexual contact with unvaccinated women.

Because of the high rate of girls completing the two-course dose of the vaccine (over 85% in 2015-16), the theory is that boys will also be protected through sexual contact.

The accusations are part of a wider investigation into the operations of major NGOs to be broadcast tonight by the BBC’s Panorama, which criticises the investment practices or financial management of two other major charities – Comic Relief and Amnesty International UK.

Amid the turmoil of the economic crisis and its impact on charity donations, Save the Children has been unapologetic in its pursuit of corporate partnerships.

The complexities of gender are increasingly acknowledged, both physically and emotionally.

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