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"With this you are recognized as a member of ANBU." Then he pulled out an ANBU mask "I personally selected this mask for you." He said as he showed the fox mask to Naruto who narrowed his eyes at it."Why would you choose that one for me?

" Naruto asked with agitation."A few reasons one the fox is a clever trickster like you as a child out witting even some ANBU with your pranks, two because whether you like it or not the Fox is a part of you and you must accept that, and the final reason is because the fourth sealed it within you for a reason." Kakashi explained"Oh really what reason would that be? " Naruto sneered"No." Kakashi said with venom that Naruto had never heard from his sensei before "You know the fourth was my sensei." He said more than asked getting Naruto to nod his head in confirmation "I was one of the few that knew his secret but was told to keep quiet about it by the third and the council." he continued getting Naruto to listen more intently "But now that you are a Jonin and an ANBU you deserve to know the truth, the truth is the fourth didn't take some random baby to seal the beast in he took his newborn son." Kakashi said getting Naruto's eyes to widen in shock"Why?

Someone you know may be secretly considering their exit.

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