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And when the Gods had completed each of the "times" of creation, they had noted that they were obeyed--the word had been obeyed!

The Gods said "it is good, very good," as they looked over their total world and plan.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to take Sword Coast Legends for a spin, and I found it to be more than a game. Character creation is always the start of a D&D experience. Maybe a Stoutheart Hafling Rogue raised in the rough streets?

Perhaps you are a Sun Elf Wizard who spent years honing your spellcraft in isolation?

Amid the ruinous terms of this world, death remains the ultimate evil, and in every brush with suffering, be it ever so brief, there is always some foreshadowing, some showing of the skull beneath the skin.

Yet she steeled herself to submit to both suffering and death, cheerfully acquiescing to whatever losses each in turn would exact.

The background and race you select in Sword Coast Legends allot stat bonuses, starting skills, and the items/gold you begin with.

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