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No surprise, then, that he invited dozens of Moshava campers to his wedding, and not just those with whom he went to camp.

“Half the camp disappeared and they all went to my kid’s wedding,” said Joy Yunger, Ami’s mother.

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(JTA) — Ami Yunger is used to people sounding surprised when they hear that he and his three siblings all met their spouses at the same summer camp. “Funny enough, I am so used to it that sometimes I think that it is strange when I hear about couples who did meet their spouse at camp,” Yunger said.

The 24-year-old now studies economics at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, but he grew up in Montreal.

The only requirements are having a passion for food and a craving to learn.

The Institute’s learn-by-doing boot camps are designed to accommodate all levels of cooking expertise.

Whether you attended our programs for one-week, multiple years or worked with us, you have a special place in the Lovell Camps family!

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