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Well my coma days are years behind me, Allison, so start talking to me like I’m a person and I’m alive. To begin with, the VR version looked visually craptastic. There was a point when I was asked what I wanted to do, and had three options laying around instead of a yes or no.On the TV screen, things looked nice, clean, smooth, detailed. Later, Allison asked me to help her with something from her Japanese book, which I read aloud because a crowd had gathered around me, and they deserved to know The Deal.

The other Play Station VR games/tech demos I played didn’t have this issue. Does this thing imply that my recovering comatose ass doesn’t even knock or yell “Hello” before just waltzing onto the property of someone I’ve never met? Heath does the right thing., as it wasn’t even a huge moment in the demo. I looked with my eyes, my allegedly powerful eyes, but Allison didn’t react at all.

Allison started chatting me up, telling me about how she wants to learn Japanese and stuff, and starts calling me “sensei,” which was more than a little bit patronizing, since I even answered “No” when she asked if I was her teacher. I could look freely with the headset, but couldn’t walk anywhere — there was no controller support or ability for me to do anything other than answer yes-or-no questions, the answers to which didn’t really affect much.

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, a rather unique offering among PSVR games, launched alongside the headset in Japan back in November.

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