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To enable automatic updates to the malware categories lookup file (), set up the add-on on each of your search heads.If you are using search heads that are not in a cluster, set up the add-on on each of your search heads as described in this section. On your search head, in Splunk Web, click the Splunk icon in the upper left corner, then click the gear symbol next to Apps. In the row for Splunk Add-on for Symantec Endpoint Protection, click Set up. Click the check box next to "Enable Splunk Enterprise to automatically update the malware category lookup table with the latest list of threats and risks from Symantec." 4.Unfortunately, sometimes have noticed that their Proactive Threat Protection defitions are stuck or not update day by day.

I should be able to play flash videos What do you see instead? topic/chrome/WErt B6ZACFI - Could not watch videos on news sites 2. msg/chrome/s Hoe72Nhkso/yi O25w P6BAAJ - Unable to play facebook games due to could not load plugin Trends analysis ( Eyu5t D.png) (go/flash-v23) For this particular issue (i.e.

Error message ' Could not load plugin' Some affected URLs,,,, uk, Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, AOL/Huffington Post, etc We can try to connect with users on forum to get logs / debug info if required. ' Could not load plugin') it would be good to understand the contents in the Flash plugin folder, which can be found by going to [Windows Key] R and entering "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Pepper Flash".

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If you need help with Symantec products, you can post in the Symantec forums.

IF problem not solve, then try this one: Modify the value of the following DWORD registry entry to 1: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\Live Update\Syknapps Content List Ready Note: If this registry entry does not exist on the client, create the entry and set it to the value above Run command : smc -stop smc -start or Reboot the system.

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