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A girl that young can only act like a woman, but she isn’t near to be one.

It doesn’t matter if she acts or looks like a grownup, because inside, she is still a child.

A few months ago, in October, scandal swept through Minnesota high school tennis.

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They both were allowed to begin dating at sixteen, but there are still rules to follow; No dating anyone who is more than two years older or two years younger than yourself. (If you can't bring them home to meet us, then we will assume that there is something inappropriate about the relationship that you are trying to keep from us) and for my daughter, no boy may take her out unless he picks her up at the door.

(This is a matter of respect, not to us, but to her,)We must know where you are going, if your plans change, call home, if you want to go somewhere afterward, call home. A girl at the age of 14 is a girl at 14 and to me it sounds strange that she should be so interesting for a guy at that age. If she doesn't care about people, she can date anyone.

While the four year difference between a 20 year old and a 24 year old, or a 24 year old and a 28 years old is not huge, when the difference is between fourteen and eighteen, it is light years.

I am the mother of a sixteen year old daughter and a seventeen year old son.

Notice there isn’t an easily accessible formula for how young girls can go, or how old boys can go.

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