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So, all those times Selena held Samuel's hand and sat in his lap at dinner?That was probably platonic, aka they're just good friends.ended with them realizing that as long as they had to keep their office romance a secret, they wouldn't be able to move forward as a couple. Sutton has fears about how she’ll be viewed in her job.

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Samuels’ film is all about connections and if the synopsis (and title) of his previous short, the BAFTA nominated isn’t just a film about that most prominent of dilemmas in the lives of the majority of unattached individuals – how to make a connection with a potential life partner – it’s also a film about the ever-changing ways in which we connect with the people around us.

Although the film focuses specifically on dating, the general theme of the short is one that surrounds how the internet has changed the ways we communicate with other people and it’s a timely reminder of the importance of face-to-face interaction.

When it comes to storytelling, one of the tried and tested techniques for making your audience identify and connect with your narrative, is making it somewhat relatable to their lives.

And when it comes to accessible topics – they don’t come much more identifiable than romance.

Because this is important, we'll get this piece of gossip out of the way first: two of his classmates secretly referred to him as "Hot Sammy," because duh.

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