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The book features a number of case studies of couples in various stages of a relationship (dating, marriage, new parents, infidelity, menopause) and how they dealt with the different crises.WHY SEEK COUNSELLING FROM A RELATIONSHIP THERAPIST OR SEXOLOGIST?

Yes, it had smoothed away some of their lines, but in the process it seemed to have taken something else with it as well — their ability to show their thoughts and their feelings.

In short, even if they felt desire, their frozen faces weren’t able to communicate it.

Marital woes, job pressures and money troubles, I’ve heard them all, and it is my job to lend a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear, and never breathe a word to anyone.

In recent years though, I’ve noticed a recurring complaint that’s started to worry me: many of the women I see regularly said the physical intimacy had all but disappeared from their relationships.

Touching one another has a profound effect on our emotional well-being.

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