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Then there are the broader dating sites which welcome pretty much anyone, and in which you can then refine your search according to your specific preferences and interests.

It’s possible Oasis Dating will work for you as well as ‘Would Like to Meet’ but there is only one way to find out.

Oasis Dating is a popular website for helping find the right partner for you.

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Whereas many sites allow you to search for free but then require a membership fee to view or send messages, Oasis Dating is completely free to use.

If you’re looking for an alternative site that offers a similar service to Oasis Dating, but is more geared to people in the UK and London in particular, and has a strong verification system, then we suggest you try ‘Would Like to Meet’; whilst still using Oasis Dating so you can see how each site suits your personality and how you prefer to communicate with your potential new partner.

Oasis is a 100% FREE online dating service with over 7 million members globally. The heart button is for matches and the "star" button is for recent activity.

Thank you for downloading Oasis for i Phone, the most innovative way to meet people online. It is a little difficult to enter in search guidelines, you kind of have to double tap and hold the button and move your finger a little bit.

When you try to add them, then they just reject you by looking at your pics.

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