Updating joomla

The Multilingual Associations Component allows you to easily translate your content from one single, unified interface.

You can find out more by reading the Multilingual Associations Component tutorial on the Joomla! Anyone creating new content articles that require a new menu item can now save time with the new Improved Workflow features.

updating joomla-87

Uninstalling will delete all information in the database as well as the RSForm! You will lose everything if you choose to uninstall. A: No, if you perform the update by installing the component over your current installation, all your forms and submissions as well as other settings will be kept intact.

The update will simply bring up to date the database and other files that are part of the new version. Pro files (this includes .php, and files) they will be overridden by the update.

Thanks to the awesome new update architecture developed by Joomla, upgrading is as simple as clicking on the update button and with just 3 easy steps, your site would be updated to the latest and greatest release of Joomla.

Before I end this post, the team and I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud and thank the contributors of Joomla 3.7!

If you're using Op Cache with the setting opcache.revalidate_freq with a number greater than 1, some of the classes (like JVersion) might be cached from a previous request and thus make the update script fail.

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