validating windows xp product key - Usps tracking not updating for days

They don't always take that long, and they are usually delivered before that time, but we kindly ask that you please wait until at least 6 weeks before contacting us.It can take quite a bit of time for the shipment to get through Customs as well as get sorted through your local postal carrier.

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Please be advised that USPS - tracking service has just been added to our service, and we haven't enough time to collect a lot of information about popular questions.

At the moment all results are being represented without our correction.

We've reached out to USPS to determine how we can better update customers when these types of things happen, but thus far it's still a work in progress.

While shipping procedures and delays are out of our control we are determined to make sure you're satisfied.

They are many tracking options available for the customers in which they can easily choose any one method in order to translate shipment location very easily.

Last modified 25-Feb-2017 01:02