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Many singles (in error) view dating as a process where they go to meet someone to see if they are compatible or if there is a connection. It’s time consuming, emotionally draining and quite frankly soul destroying to dress up, put on your best personality, get to the venue and then spend the next hour with someone that you have absolutely nothing in common with. Make sure that you source your dates from all three methods.

The good news is that there is a more intelligent way to go about this. If you keep drawing from the same pool, you are going to find the same type of people there.

As your Dating Coach and Relationship Coach, I’m here to show you that dating can be a pleasant experience and that it really shouldn’t be all that hard if you do it right and are willing to follow my dating advice.

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It’s a process I have developed to help make dating easy for my Dating Coach clients and to help you navigate through the stages of dating without being disappointed or getting hurt, but most importantly to help you end up on the other side of this long, dark tunnel with your dignity intact. There are generally three ways to find a date: Through your network, socially or by making use of a dating service.

Here is the first and most important dating advice I have to offer: You need to appreciate that dating is the culmination of a screening process. To do this successfully you need to follow the following dating advice: • build a strong network • create a social life that inspires your love life • select the right type of dating service for you Ask me how to do this.

15 million people are single in the UK right now, and around 50% of this number are looking to find love and a serious relationship.

So if that’s the case then how come modern dating is still so damn hard?

It also lets you know if you're carrying certain genetic variations related to diseases that you could pass on to your kids.

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