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Whitehall's standing as a stand-up comedian is such that he can fill arenas (up soon, Glasgow's SSE Hydro) and his TV fame is almost sky high.He stars in the excellent Bad Education on BBC3, a chat show, Backchat, with his father, what seems like countless panel series, and there's his role in Channel 4's student comedy drama, Fresh Meat.His father was an agent for Judi Dench, Colin Firth and Richard Griffiths, and wrote the memoir Shark-Infested Waters.

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j ack Whitehall's face hasn't prompted quite as much debate as the Turin Shroud but he has certainly polarised opinion. Set underneath a crop of Dennis The Menace hair and punctuated by piercing blue eyes, it's well supported by a strong jaw line (visible when the beard goes) that wouldn't have looked out of place in The Dambusters.

Many will want to kiss this face, because it's the face of success.

I don’t like to make too many plans for afterwards; sometimes we end up going elsewhere for drinks or dancing but it’s usually spontaneous. I live with my boyfriend, Jack Whitehall [24, the actor and comedian].

On Saturday mornings I get up late and then meet my parents and sister for dim sum in Chinatown.

When rehearsing or filming for whatever project I’m working on finishes on Friday, usually about 7pm, I head straight to Soho to meet friends.

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