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became an administrative centre of the Old Town of Prague in 1338, when the estates acquired approval of king John of Bohemia to establish it. The most prominent ones receive copies of the city hall keys as a symbolic key to the capital city. There were several attempts to open tenders for completing the destroyed parts of the building, yet they were never realized.

It was here where the Czech noblemen elected Jiří of Poděbrady as a Bohemian king in 1458. Since 1871, weddings have been held at the city hall. Surprisingly, the fire did not destroy the elevator within the city hall’s tower, which was made in 1927 and it was a rare piece, which was in operation for a long time.

[Balfe] and I were filming the stuff from 1915 or 1916, and I was leading her down this corridor, and I had sort of a flaming brazier in my hand," recalled Tobias Menzies, who plays Balfe's character Claire's husband Frank and the villainous Black Jack.

"It was an old castle, and the flames were dislodging spiders from the crannies in the ceiling and they were falling on us, and Cat was less than cool under fire.

Also be aware that the tables of date letters in most references are only for silver items, see Cautions about Hallmark Tables.

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