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’ Lil Bieby also skated with Ryan Sheckler and posed with hoes.

Rob Pattinson is only communicating with Kristen Stewart via emotional text messages because he can’t bear the though of talking to her, reports Daily Mirror: ‘Rob is angry, he’s left the mansion and not spoken to her since.

With all of successful professional life he is a man who gives equal time to his family and friend.

He always take care of them and tries to keep them save.

Regardless, former Cowboy Michael Irvin has given the future of America's Team some dating advice against being involved with the "wrong girl" in a "volatile situation." Irvin told ESPN SA he was unaware of Park's past relationship woes, but said he'd tell Prescott: "You got a good head on your shoulders, don't let any other heads ruin that, focus on the good head on your shoulders." Though Parks, an Austin resident, has posted Instagram photos of herself at Cowboys games and sporting team merchandise, Prescott is saying he doesn't even know Parks.

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