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So the genuine customer using a licensed Windows software should take preventive measures to avoid such a situation.

One needs to go to the Validation page and complete the validation requirements.

If an SCAP module is a component of another product, contact the module vendor to identify products that integrate the SCAP validated module.

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There’s nothing wrong with still using XP, a number of staff here at Make Use Of have yet to budge in fact.

If you’ve got an old PC that doesn’t need the bells, whistles and expensive licence that comes with Windows 7 then XP is still a viable alternative.

SCAP validated products and modules have completed formal testing at an NVLAP accredited laboratory and meet all requirements as defined in NIST IR 7511.

A module is defined as a software component that may be embedded in another product.

This article is the updated version which contains only the popular and easiest working methods on how to crack, disable or remove the WGA Validation Tool and WGA Notifications from your Windows XP machine, and how to bypass genuine Windows validation required when downloading certain software apps such as Windows Defender, Direct X, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player from Microsoft, and when during to process to install the application.

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